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Learn how your comment data is processed. Additionally, you cannot edit your drafts across different devices. Secondly, your scheduled pins, that uses a drag and drop system. Not long after Pinterest introduced Idea Pins originally called Story Pins I attended a call with people from Pinterest where they detailed how to use the new feature. An iteration of Story Pins, Idea Pins are a new feature for business accounts. Your queries regarding “How to post something on Pinterest” will get their answers right away, so hang on. Pincodes are essentially QR codes. Telling users exactly what you want them to do, whether on Pinterest or once they get to your site, will give users a specific mission to complete and increases the likelihood that they’ll do so. Start now and promote your stunning website with Pinterest Marketing: ‚Äć. The key to success is planning ahead. Communications Toolkit to Safeguard Your Brand. I has worthy content. You can use some social media automation tools that help you schedule pin images consistently. No Fluff Strategic Content and Pinterest Marketing Services ūüďĆ For Creatives, Service Providers /Coaches and eCommerce BrandsūüéĀFree Resources‚Üď. And once you’re up and running, check out Sprout’s article about Pinterest analytics to measure your success. To do this, click “edit profile”, and then “confirm website”. This is a great way to drive traffic to Pinterest and build up repins. Or description Under Image Settings there only appears to be the Alt Text box.

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Here are some examples that will tank. I’m disappointed to see some “gurus” and “experts” do it and recommend it as a best practice. Have some of these worked for you. That has gotta be the most awesome article I have read in a long time. Pinterest image design and creation tools allow you to design, edit, create and publish professional looking photos and images for the platform along with any other social media site and your website. Before I do though, I would like to set some context. SEO gives your pins traction in the long run and if your pin ranks high in search results, it could drive traffic to your site for years to come. But once you nail down the routine and the combination for successful results, you will be able to shift focus to new projects and the actual business. Create boards and pins that are related to frequently searched topics and interests ‚Äď but that also can be subtly connected to your brand and products. Pinterest’s trending content may not always be relevant for your audience but it’s a good idea to review the “Popular” page every now and then. Specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time limited. To optimize your board for Pinterest SEO, start by adding keywords to your board description and pick a board category to help the Pinterest algorithm better understand your content. She speaks directly into the camera and tells her audience how she was able to coordinate the jewelry with her outfit. Getting other people to do it for you. Become the marketing hero your company or clients need. Is this assumption right. Like every social media site, Pinterest has its own lingo you should familiarize yourself with to set yourself up for success. As I mentioned above, a Business account also allows you to use a “Business Name” your name + your brand name on your profile, instead of just your personal name. Ready to get Pinning like a pro. An artist who showcases artwork or projects they have been working on and provides tutorials for aspiring creatives. Tools such as google trends, and other social media platforms, can help you work out what is trending, allowing you to create content that matches your audience’s interests. Do you remember that study done by The University of Minnesota. You can also add in the title here with 4 5 words. You can also cultivate a community by joining and creating group boards that users contribute to, which gets your content in front of new audiences.

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7 Spread your boards and pins on the other social media sites

One tactic to jumpstart your follower growth is to follow fans of your competitor’s boards. Take advantage of the new Instagram Tagging updates and improvements to scale your business and brand social presence with Publer. Some other social media scheduling tools are Buffer, Tailwind, Hootsuite, and ViralTag. This helps build relationships with your followers and increases the visibility of your content. Make sure to add in other kinds of boards that provide value to your target audience. There is a lot of varying data out there about how often to post to Pinterest, but it seems there is a general consensus that it is less strict than other social channels. Their board, VW Through the Years, uses old photos of their cars to visually demonstrate brand history. Organic reach can only accomplish so much. Just like you follow people on Twitter or friend people on Facebook, you can start a relationship with other bloggers on the Pinterest site and get to know about each other. Pinterest is a powerful social media platform that can increase your website traffic and sales. I recommend creating at least three boards with a few pins on each, before you really start promoting your page. That’s why we suggest scheduling your pins ahead of time. One of the newer streaming services to join the sea of others is Paramount Plus. We were interested to test this out, so we looked at two variations of boards to see what kind of impact the keyword element had on a board’s overall engagement and followers. If you’re dedicated to using your Pinterest account for SEO purposes, then it’s worth considering a top level keyword your audience may be searching for and including it in your username. Make sure to utilize each of these tactics within your Pinterest content creation strategy. ” They stress that Pinterest operates as a vertical network, so ideally, your Pins should have a vertical image at a 2:3 aspect ratio. 75% of its user base are women. Use Viraltag to schedule what day and time you want your pins to be uploaded. You can help them understand, right. This will also allow you to feature your best products beside them. Real Simple regularly shares recipes and tips to help its followers learn new things at a glance with visually appealing infographics. I never thought about the importance of keywords for helping people find my pins. Pinterest offers a really amazing tool called Pinterest Trends, which they have just updated to make it even more useful. According to Statista, nearly half of all social media users use Pinterest to find or shop for products.

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7 A Minimum 2 Day Interval Before Re Pinning A Pin

When you talk about re pinning does that mean I can re pin the same pin to a different board. Can I ask one question please. Seeing results can definitely take time. While optional, they also usually include a title, description, and a website link‚ÄĒmaking every Pin a great opportunity to drive traffic to your website, product pages, blog posts, and more. As you can see, there are a lot of things you can do to improve your Pinterest SEO, but they always come back to two cornerstones: clarity and relevance. Get The Dash, your weekly social media to do list, delivered straight to your inbox. To create a Pin from images on your computer, follow these steps. This will help you build brand loyalty and trust, essential for driving long term growth on the platform. Try to include as many keywords as possible without repeating too many of the same words. That person will get notified, be super appreciative of your re pin, and be more likely to follow you, check out your content, and share your pins in return. This gives you insights into what’s resonating with the Pinterest community. The important thing to remember is that just because you can use a hundred different fonts in rainbow colors doesn’t mean that you should. Looking for the slickest smartwatch. Step 4: Write a description of up to 500 characters with clear text to inspire and educate. I subscribed to get more useful info from you. Pinterester noun; A business owner who uses Pinterest strategically and effectively for their business and makes all their biz besties a little jealous with their traffic numbers. I’d like to share the elements of a successful Pinterest Pin with examples to help you be more proactive in your execution. There are two different ways to do this. You’ll see a screen filled with the latest content pinned from your site. This makes Pinterest a uniquely strong place to distribute all types of content, including written blog content. I don’t get it, are the search volume and KWs found in Pinterest ads useful. Pinterest business accounts come with the ability to view overall account and Pin performance. Bonus: Download your free pack of 5 customizable Pinterest templates now. Pins include an image or video and text, and can be linked to a website that users can click through to. Even if you create the most pretty visuals and use some of the best Pinterest tools but miss out on a few small things, you’ll lose the perfect opportunity to expand your reach. Eye catching visuals and a title that entices the reader to click and not just read your idea pin will make it irresistible. For many Pinterest is frustrating, overwhelming and confusing. I had a one to one session with Rachel Sandall from Pin House under her Set Up and Strategy Package.

2 Participate In Group Boards

If you have some similar pins, using combinations of different keywords can increase your overall audience by making all of your pins more diverse. Is your scheduler working to the best of its ability. Looking to build a profitable Pinterest presence that matches your business brand. Open up Pinterest, and copy the URL of that pin. Supporting copy may be included for your Video Pins. Rich Pins, designed to pin new content from your business’s website while avoiding duplicate content will also boost your brand’s Pinterest SEO. The beta version of this feature rolled out in 2020 and was called Story Pins, and was initially used similarly to Instagram Stories. This means your length should be 1. Don’t forget to join ShoutMeLoud on Pinterest. This also helps with SEO and the engagement of your followers. Ready to start finding the best Pinterest keywords for your business. According to Pinterest, 89% of Pinners used the platform for inspiration in a recent purchase, so it’s clear the majority of users view it as a shopping destination. More than 400 million people look to Pinterest for purchasing inspiration every month.

6 Publish video Pins

You can also find popular hashtags to include in your posts by using a tool like Hashtagify. Rich pins are a free Pinterest feature intended to add greater detail and information on the pins themselves. Important: Your board settings must be set to “Public” in order to schedule your Pin to that board. It may not be the right time for that topic. This means steady posting and engagement, all year long. Your first eight boards are the most visible make sure they focus on your business’ areas of expertise. Once you click on the image it brings you to your boards to which you can pin it. People pay attention to consistency, and so does the Pinterest algorithm. Pinterest lets you add up to 100 characters in the pin title, and a maximum of 500 characters in its description.

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The general best practice seems to be that no hashtags is best. For this, you’ll need to keep a tracker of some sort e. Just remember, if you pick a board that has thousands and thousands of contributors, you’ll have to be consistently active to stand out from the masses. With Pinterest, you can easily review what your competitors ‚ÄĒ and the companies in your industry that are more established than yours ‚ÄĒ are doing. In this guide, you’ll discover some tried and true Pinterest SEO tips, as well as some future forward strategies to help you make the most of this dynamic platform. That’s because a business account allows your brand to. Don’t make a batch of pins for one post and pin them all on the same day. Optimizing your Pinterest account is perhaps the most difficult to understand part of this process. Pinterest recommends creating new original content at least once a week and to save other people’s Pins to supplement creating your own. You also probably sometimes get stuck in analysis paralysis because of the sheer volume of ideas you can find there. And you’ll need to make solid initial efforts to beat the crowd faster than others. Required fields are marked.

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Suppose you’re a thought leader in your business, and you already have a podcast, a blog, infographics, case studies, email newsletters, or ebooks on your website or other platforms. You have two choices when it comes to opening a Pinterest account. This allows you to streamline the process one step at a time. Your chosen keyphrases should be used naturally though ‚Äď no stuffing allowed. While it’s true that 80% of Pinners find new brands or products on Pinterest, it’s important to avoid solely promoting your brand and instead focus on providing value to your audience. ” They can then pin your blog post to a special “read it later” Pinterest board full of articles, giving your audience a new, easy way to catch up on your content. There are over one million photos and graphics to pick from, as well as hundreds of free templates and icons. Save, or pin, that design to your cake design board to access it when you want. Some of the best Pinterest marketing tools with their key features are. Subscribe to get Free WordPress Tips and Resources. Photo by Nathana Rebou√ßas on Unsplash. You can add keywords and a board description directly within the board editor. Did you know that you can open a board to one or more specific pinners and allow them to pin to the board with you. Idea pins also typically get more reach on the platform and they are ideal for increasing brand awareness and connecting with your audience. You know how keywords are important for optimizing your website or blog for search engines like Google. Not only does this reinforce your credibility, but it also allows you to view your website stats. People also turn to Pinterest to get inspired. This way, your board looks appealing and attractive, getting you more followers on your board. And carousels to show a variety of products in one Pin. We’re all ears‚ÄĒor in this case, eyes. Such content, Majkowska said, ranks higher in Pinterest search. How about this‚ÄĒthe visual nature of the site gets people in a shopping mood, driving much more legitimate purchase intent decisions than any other social network. It’s one at a time kind of thing. Pinterest Marketing Strategies. In conclusion, advertising on Pinterest can be a highly effective way to reach your target audience, increase brand awareness, and drive traffic to your website. For example, the keyword for this content is “Pinterest marketing tips. Bonus: Download your free pack of 5 customizable Pinterest templates now. The platform has historically attracted women and people who want to shop or start a new project.

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Many people use Pinterest as a visual search engine to find the products or topics they’re interested in, so make sure your boards and pins show up in search results related to the keywords you use. To make your time and talent worthwhile, look for those with over a thousand followers. Thank you so much for this post. Although Pinterest recommends pinning to no more than 10 RELEVANT boards, it’s increasingly evident that re pinning your own content does nothing to boost visibility. Pinterest analytics will give you a lot of insight into how your profile is performing in organic search. You can schedule your pins with Hopper HQ using the following steps. Click “Unsubscribe” in any email to opt out. Pinterest offers three types of Rich Pins: product, recipe, and article. Just make sure your A/B test’s results are statistically significant before you make any decisions on future runs. We and our partners use cookies to Store and/or access information on a device. By following the 12 tips below, you will take your Pinterest SEO to the next level and drive so much more value for your brand. Focus your pins on providing new ideas, inspiring information, and actionable solutions that encourage your audience to share or save your pin. Com is quite the mystery. Once your board is created, there’s one more step before it’s ready to go. Paying someone to moderate may be the only cost depending on what you want to do. Group boards are the same as regular boards, except more than one person can add content. It helps you know what goes down well with your audience.

Step 5: Pick a time for the Pin to be published

If you haven’t started pinning yet, now is the time. Also, make sure that you add proper hashtags here. Or, you can do this directly through Pinterest with a business account if you’d rather go straight to the source. Try following this formula. The best Ideas pins are those that inform and interest others to learn more. By setting up boards on a limited number of topics, you can restrict your Pinning to images likely to interest your target audience. In fact, many wouldn’t even call it a social networking site at all‚ÄĒit’s technically a “social bookmarking tool”. I just listened to this podcast today, great info, thanks Kate. QUESTION: What are some of your best Pinterest tips for 2023. The optimal Pin size is 1000 x 1500 pixels, but the real goal is a 2:3 aspect ratio. A small backyard with chairs and tables surrounded by flowers of different colors. You can also get analytics on your Pinterest content. “The next time you’re at the supermarket, try reading the ingredients on your favorite food items and see if you recognize all of them. Truly understanding your Buyer Personas and what your customers are interested in is what will get your images saved and repinned.

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Statusbrew is a social media management tool that helps businesses optimize their social media marketing efforts across several social platforms, including on Pinterest. Next, click on the three dots symbol on the top right hand corner of your screen and select “Upgrade your account”. Most importantly, ensure that anything you post is relevant to your brand. I’d reckon that the majority of idea pins fit into the category, and are either crafts/DIY idea pins or recipes. Stick with the features intended by the platform. These codes can be placed on hard copies of marketing material like a business card or a press release and scanned using Pinterest Lens ‚ÄĒ the codes then link back to a Pinterest board or profile. Here are a few examples:Business success stories collected by the Pinterest team. A post shared by Glo Atanmo ‚ÄĒ Entrepreneur @glographics on Oct 8, 2020 at 6:08am PDT. Also make sure you stick to relevant topics to that board when sharing pins. Optimize and still sound human by simply adding a strong keyword within the right context. Pinterest is an incredible platform to break through the noise, scale your audience, and make a mark in today’s highly competitive content landscape. START YOUR FREE TRIAL. Buyable Pins are a relatively new Pinterest feature that allows peoples to buy your products without ever having to leave Pinterest‚ÄĒsimilar to the new Instagram Shoppable feed. Setting up your Pinterest scheduling with Later can help save you time, and keep your visual content looking beautiful and consistent. There are five types of rich pins. Take out the hard work out of pinning with a pinning planning app like Tailwind or Buffer. Above, you say Board Booster is approved API but then in another post you said it isn’t. Currently, there are four types of Rich Pins you can start using: product, article, app and recipe. Here’s how Hootsuite’s integration with Pinterest can help you save time and effortlessly add Pinterest to your social media strategy. Pinterest is now promoting that it’s a social media platform, as well as a shopping platform. It’s always keeping us on our toes with what works and what doesn’t. If you’re not there yet, we can help. Take heed of all the tips we included throughout this post, then be sure to combine these tips with our full guide to Pinterest marketing. For your Pinterest account to get found, you’ll need to first create a Pinterest business account. So, I have a feeling that Idea pins will be another excellent resource that is worth trying but first your account needs to be optimized. Is this okay as far as making a fresh pin while still showcasing the same images of the blanket. Glad it helped you out. Go to Pinterest’s homepage, and you’ll see examples of recipes, crafts, home improvement DIY, and outfit ideas among other things. The Ultimate Guide To Mastering TikTok And Reels.

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If you have trouble keeping up with your Pinterest activity, create a social media calendar to have a more focused and organized publishing strategy. You can use popular software such as Tailwind to schedule your pins or use the scheduling tool within the Pinterest platform. AND Pinterest wants you to use them, which means they get better traction than a lot of other types of content. Whatever the KPI, just ensure that you’re tracking it properly so you can report on any big wins or learnings. Visit this page to learn how it works. Ly link or a full url link. More people have recently picked up or reconnected with hands on activities like crocheting, scrapbooking, knitting, and flower pressing. Check out our post about Pinterest analytics to take a closer look at this powerful toolkit. You may also want to try video pins, as they are fantastic as a teaser to get somebody to click on your link to learn more. To create a brand new Pinterest account that isn’t linked to an existing personal account, follow these steps. Really excellent job breaking this down Tori. Be it Instagram stories or Instagram reels; various. That’s a gain of 104 clicks per day‚ÄĒa 2x increase‚ÄĒwith Rich Pins. Recommended Age: 13 and up. I’m Anastasia and I’m so glad to see you in my blog. Generally you want an aspect ratio of 2:3 or 4:5. 24 must know Pinterest stats for marketers in 2023. This all seemed like great advice to test and see. Pinterest is a social media platform where people explore, create, and share visual content that is helpful, entertaining, and inspiring. To be eligible for the Creator Fund, creators must have 1,000 followers, be part of an underrepresented community, and meet a few other requirements. What’s new in Pinterest marketing What’s ahead for 2023 My Pinterest marketing strategy that helped me double my traffic. You may need to contact the board’s owner before they invite you to join. Let’s discuss some more ways small businesses, like yours, can benefit from creating a presence on Pinterest. Hopefully you can still gain a bit of insight and direction from our learnings. We’re committed to your privacy. We hope you liked today’s article and learned more about your Pinterest marketing strategy. With this in mind, it is better to use creative images in your blog posts and “Pin” them to your boards so that people might get a double look at the image and it will in turn tempt to click on the image or stare at it. When you perform a search on Pinterest it displays pins that contain the words you typed in. Find out the best practices to know how to get started. Kelsey Media, The Granary, Downs Court, Yalding Hill, Yalding, Kent ME18 6AL.

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There are a couple of different ways you can do this. Make sure that all outbound links are working correctly. Besides being able to use it to set a custom Pinterest image and fallback, their Pro version also has a unique feature called “Pin image for browser extensions”. Are you a new photographer or looking for a new service to offer your clients. Social media management tools help you schedule posts and organize your content on any social network, including Pinterest, prior to actually posting it. Pinterest makes it easy to find friends through Facebook, Twitter, Google and Yahoo accounts. Follow this step by step guide to verify your website. Jennifer Evans Cario writes, “The great thing about seasonal boards is they can be revamped and reused each year with no need to delete them. Don’t let your epic posts be washed away by all the other pins you’ve been sharing to build up your account and your following. Rich pins comein a variety of formats, each one tailored specifically to items, recipes,articles, or mobile applications. If you have a personal account and wish to use Pinterest to market your business, the first step is to sign up for an “Official Pinterest for Business. Test it yourself with our free trial. However, Pinterest has announced that the program will be open to creators living in Brazil and the U. Once again, to avoid spamming, Pinterest is recommending a minimum of two days before re pinning a pin. First, take advantage of the Pinterest Trends tool.

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You can add live links to the captions below your pins simply by adding a URL to a pin’s description and clicking the red “Save Pin” button. My blog is all about DIY home projects and that means a lot of photos. You get to use your business name instead of the typical First + Last Name formula. I will definitely check it out. Driving engagement and traffic from your target audience on social media has become increasingly challenging for businesses. Here are some different variables to compare on Pinterest. What have you observed with your pins. Not unlike the Pinterest App Platform you can Friend people here on the PBC + is a great way to share in addition to making people feel welcome on the PBC. For example, instead of adding a bookmark to your web browser for every page you visited recently that had a recipe you’d like to try, instead, you can save an image from the website to a Pinterest board called “Foods to try” for later. We’re happy to share the full list and results from our Pinterest experiments. Pin images that will help inspire and dazzle your followers. It’s like having a VIP pass for your website to stand out among competitors and connect with your target audience effectively. Vertical pins do best. You’ll want to position your brand in front of Pinterest users who are actually searching for your content. Because Pinterest is visual, it is a visual representation of an idea or product that a user can save to view later. For example: “BLOG NAME ‚Äď Topic 1”, “BLOG NAME ‚Äď Topic 2” and “BLOG NAME ‚Äď Topic 3”. Fashion Idea Pins feature outfits, nail art, shoes, bags, and shopping destinations for Pinners looking for some fashion inspiration. You may unsubscribe from these communications at any time. People can find your content more easily if the board itself is optimized with the keywords and phrases that you often blog about. A Repin is when someone Pins a post they like but that they didn’t create to one of their boards. To optimize your board for Pinterest SEO, start by adding keywords to your board description and pick a board category to help the Pinterest algorithm better understand your content. Hashtags do work on Pinterest, but their performance isn’t at par with what it is on Twitter and Instagram. An effective way to achieve this is by using keywords that Pinterest’s algorithms can easily pick up. To learn more about group boards, how to find and join them, and what to pin to them, check out my group board series: How to Grow Your Traffic Exponentially With Pinterest Group Boards. Whether you’re looking for help with strategy, web design, advertising, or something else ‚Äď we’d love to help.

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You can also make your website visitors aware of your brand’s Pinterest presence with the Save button. This will increase awareness among your existing followers on other platforms. An “impression” refers to any time a prospect “sees” you or your brand. Let alone figure out which boards I’ve already pinned my content to. These are much like regular Pins, but instead of a static photo, they feature a video that loops. You can also use influencer collaborations, A/B testing, and analytics tools to measure the performance of your pins and ensure you’re getting the most out of your campaigns. Its high engagement rate and long pin half life make it an effective platform to drive traffic and sales. Increasing the reach of your business on Pinterest is easier than you think, especially with the ways given below. Adjust: Click Image or Video to adjust and resize your image or video. If a platform boasting over 433 million monthly active users doesn’t do it, I don’t know what would. Additionally, you can connect your Pinterest business account to other media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and even Etsy. It’s best to thoughtfully curate pins around a central theme. Sections, then, make your individual content more likely to be found and re pinned. She has a large group of loyal followers that aren’t going away. When creating content for Pinterest, my tip is to make sure you’re using the keywords most people would use to find your stuff. Other articles you will love. This site uses cookies and other essential tracking technologies to make your experience better and smoother. Vertical Pins look best on Pinterest and on mobile so it’s recommended your image maintains an aspect ratio of 2:3. Born back in 2010, Pinterest is a free social media platform that centers around. Pinterest utilizes data from board titles, board descriptions, and the pins saved to a board to help better understand your content. If you have trouble keeping up with your Pinterest activity, create a social media calendar to have a more focused and organized publishing strategy. Get it in the HerPaperRoute Toolkit, here. What answers can you provide to their problems. See Pinterest Marketing tip 6 about claiming your website. Your image must capture attention quickly and hold it with exciting text or visuals. Linking to your website on your Idea Pins is coming later in 2023, but until then, you can be strategic about how to use them to drive traffic to your website. She found that a schedule between five and 30 pins per day is best. In fact, 89% of Pinterest users have bought something they found on Pinterest. You don’t need to be a marketing expert.